UE4 Dynamic Scarring and Damage Breakdown

Made for "The Other 99"
Note: As the material is working off a base mesh, multiple characters can be made that share the same functionality.

David croft sharland dmgdirection

Directional damaged based on what side of the face AI is hit.

David croft sharland scars

Dynamic scarring to indicate if the player has been in previous encounters.

David croft sharland bodygif

Three stages of bleeding to show how damaged the AI is.
Low res opacity masks to remove any clothing clipping.

David croft sharland scarbreakdown

One scar material with an additional ID texture to split up the scars into zones. The Opacity channel extracted from substance painter will act as the mask for unreal. As a result no scars can overlap as masking would be tedious.

David croft sharland material network

Standard material blends with a couple of modifications on opacity and normal map blending.

David croft sharland netwrokbreakdown

Green: Material function for Skin
Blue: Material function for mask contributions.

David croft sharland skinbreakdown

Skin tone can be changed slightly.

David croft sharland rbgmaskbreakdown
David croft sharland masterinstances

Skin Master with switches for Head and Body materials. Along with any masks that need to be used.